Culture in Poznań


A creative lake-side camp

"As we debate the programme, we always make it clear that every musician that Leszek Możdżer invites should bring the fresh energy of a debuting artist onto the stage." This year, Leszek Możdżer takes a different approach by proposing to tie the concerts together with an ethnic theme," says Jerzy Gumny, director and founder of Enter Enea Festival, scheduled for 17 June.

The art of listening

Phenomenal bands from India, Algeria, Belize, Colombia and other countries alongside superb Polish performers are set to appear in the 12th Ethno Port festival this mid-June. Brace for a revelry of concerts, workshops, meetings and games.

Give me the night

One of Poznań's biggest, annual, mass cultural events is Night of the Museums. Participants can always count on a myriad of attractions, but also on long queues. And yet, no one is complaining, and no wonder, as every year, museums and other participating institutions prepare a raft of unforgettable treats.

Alma Mater Posnaniensis

"It is with deep reverence and great love that we welcome the arrival of our highest-level institution of education, which will guard and disseminate knowledge, thus contributing to the building of our state," said the Dziennik Poznański daily in May 1919. The University of Poznań was opened a century ago.

Growing roots

If you feel, or want to feel at home in Poznań, Porta Posnania has just the May weekend event for you. A celebration of its fifth anniversary.

Harmonious diversity

Every year, large flocks of migrating species can be spotted in Poznań. Magicians, fairies, vampires, elves, superheroes and even zombies descend in droves onto the city's Trade Fair grounds. What drives them to make the journey?

Spring Break

The fifth year of Spring Break is no time for recapitulations as the event has never stopped growing and gaining momentum. Every year on one weekend in April, music fans from all parts of Europe take over the city. What is there to expect in the upcoming sixth edition of Spring Break?

Czechoslovak counterculture

This April and May, the Zamek (Castle) Cultural Centre will host the exhibition "Out of Town. Sovinec - the Unofficial Czech Culture Centre 1979-1989". This extraordinary display is an unusual case of a peripheral location rising to become a true centre of independent art. It is also a story of a remarkable person who passionately built an anti-state underground scene.

To serve audiences

They are integral to every music album. Some, like those for Nirvana's "Nevermind" and The Beatles' "Abbey Road", grow to become iconic. They help interpret the music of some albums and serve as basic graphic form of identification for others. They all have to stand out to attract the buyers of albums either on a shelf or a popular streaming website. They are album covers and this year, for the fifth time, they are going to vie for primacy in the album art contest dubbed Konkurs 30/30.

A tribute to Polish piano

Both the concert, held two years ago in Warsaw, and the album released to commemorate the occasion, were truly stunning. Now, Dorota Miśkiewicz, the main driving force behind the project, along with an impressive line-up of Polish jazz piano greats, are coming to Poznań.

Giving Ophelia a voice

The Death of Ophelia is a little-known monodrama by Stanisław Wyspiański, written when the author was severely ill and physically incapacitated. According to an article by Monika Wycykał published in the Katowice Dziennik Teatralny, the work essentially concerns the question of how one should speak when approaching death. The crossing of the line between life and death became the inspiration for Jerzy Fryderyk Wojciechowski, a 32-year-old composer from Poznań.

Outside the Box

The eleventh edition of the Short Waves Festival is around the corner, this time under the motto "Outside The Box". The focus programme will direct our collective gaze to an unexpected place: South-East Asia. Seize the opportunity and delve into a world of stories, documentaries, animations, video clips and experiment.

Gleams of freedom - an exhibition in the Poznań Fotoplastykon

Don't miss the remarkable exhibition coming to the Poznań Fotoplastykon. Even the venue itself that houses the photoplasticon, an apparatus also known as the kaiserpanorama (or emperor's panorama), is extraordinary. After a brief interruption, the Fotoplastykon is back, set in the historic Arkadia building, serving as a time machine for the enjoyment of all buffs of Wielkopolska history.

Poznań's Fotoplastykon

The Fotoplastykon, dubbed "the big brown drum" by the poet Zbigniew Herbert, is a device used to display stereoscopic photographs. It converts two nearly identical images into a single 3D picture by means of its optical mechanism. Every visit to the Poznań Fotoplastykon is a journey through time...

Reviving a saint

So it is possible. Saint Martin (or Święty Marcin in Polish, one of the city's most important streets) is awakening from its coma, after two decades of slumber, as the renovation of the first stretch of the street between ul. Gwarna and ul. Ratajczaka nears completion.

The consistent narrative of Bohdan Cieślak

The Narracje. (Narratives) Bohdan Cieślak exhibition in the National Museum is not so much an opportunity to view the artist's stage designs, as a chance to see what is normally hidden from the view of audiences, and what, in fact, begins the scenic visual concept. The exhibition opens on 17 February.

Scenes of no importance

Here is an exhibition that is not to be missed: "Scenes of no importance", a display of collages featuring people in photographs by Jan Kurek, to be held in the Porta Posnania building from January to March.

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