Culture in Poznań


Listen to a monument

All monuments, and there is no shortage of these around Poznań, provide an excuse to tell fascinating tales about the city.

Art in the city

Not all works of contemporary art in Poznań have been confined to galleries. Poznań's public spaces abound with extraordinary works by remarkable artists. They contribute to the city's overall image, making it distinctive and unique.

The rulers of taste

It is all about tastings, competitions, feasts, and tips for the most demanding of palates and for those in search of new culinary sensations. The National Good Taste Festival invites you to the table.

The cultural patchwork

What attracts the fans of Polish folklore and other cultures to this folk festival year after year? Certainly a chance to come face to face with living traditions: an opportunity to see them, listen to them and participate in them first hand. This year, the "Integrations" World Folk Review will be held for the nineteenth time. It is scheduled to begin on 10 August.

Shaman and Emperor at Malta - Hip Hop Festival Poznań 2019 - 9.08.2019

They are not modest. One calls himself a shaman and equates the rap scene with his church. The other is a self-proclaimed emperor. Both are actually rappers with a following of hundreds of thousands. The two rappers, Paluch and Kękę, will again enthuse crowds at Hip Hop Festival Poznań. Completing the line-up of this year's edition will be some of the biggest names in Poland's rap.

Good design at arm's reach

Design stands for luxury for some, and utility for others... Visit Poznań's Museum of Applied Arts and its post-1945 art display, which reflects the rapid social and cultural changes taking place in the post-war world.

What's Bamberger and what's Polish?

The Bambergers, who first arrived in Wielkopolska three centuries ago, are credited with many valued characteristics that contradict the hurtful popular stereotype that depicts them as uncouth simpletons. During this round-anniversary year, an effort is being made to reveal their true face.

Poznań's Art Nouveau

Floral stuccowork, wavy bannisters, decorative stained glass - these are just a few of the items you can spot on Poznań's Art Nouveau townhouses. In between glass and steel office buildings and advertisement panels, there are still flowers and other notable Art Nouveau symbols.

Ryszard Kaja's posters, art and life - exhibition at Stary Browar's gallery

Ryszard Kaja started working on an exhibition in Stary Browar in the middle of 2018. His premature death put the entire project into question. Not for long - a group of the artist's friends and colleagues decided to continue working on the exhibition. How did they do? We'll find out on July 12th during the opening. 

Tradition and modernity

Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island), Stary Rynek (Old Market Square)... what else is there to see? Poznań abounds with fascinating architecture - here are some of the highlights.

Environmental Art

Interview with ALICJA BIAŁA, author of the installation The Totems conducted by DANUTA BARTKOWIAK

The festivalisation of Wielkopolska

The summer season has long ceased to give people good reason to complain about the scarcity of cultural events. Festivals are particularly abundant between July and August. Is it still true though that Wielkopolska residents need to travel far across the country to see a truly outstanding performer? Not necessarily!

A wave of waterfront concerts

The summer festival season is in full swing. Fortunately, you don't need to travel far to see prominent and amazing artists. They will all be within easy reach at the Poznań series of concerts #NaFalach, which again will be held at Lakes Malta and Strzeszynek.

The experience of disease

Is it possible that something as damaging to the body and mind as disease has a positive effect? Curator Agnieszka Skalska argues that medical conditions can and do inspire art. The exhibition Choroba jako źródło sztuki (Illness as a Source of Art) is on view at the National Museum of Poznań until 11 August.

7 days, 300 films

The Animator International Animated Film Festival ranks as one of Europe's largest events dedicated to animation. It is scheduled to commence on 5 July.

We live in an age of war-peace

War and peace, the place of the individual in the world of global conflicts and other topics falling under the slogan "Army of the Individual" of this year's Malta Idiom will be discussed by Kasia Tórz, the festival's programmer, and Nástio Mosquito, the curator of the idiom.

Jan Garbarek Quartet to appear in Poznań!

What great news: the renowned Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek and his quartet are set to appear in Poznań on 30th June. The artists will perform in Sala Ziemi (the Earth Hall) on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair. Tickets for the event are available now.

The Army of Malta

Installations, happenings, performances, concerts, films, discussions... - this year's Malta festival will again overstep genre boundaries and connect distant micro worlds. The 10-day event is scheduled to kick off on June 21.

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