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Konkurs 30/30 is on!

A call for entries for the latest edition of Konkurs 30/30 (Contest 30/30) was announced on 15 February. The aim is to select the best thirty album cover designs made in 2020. The artwork will be on view in the Contest's summer display to be held in the celebrated Courtyard Gallery (Galeria na Dziedzińcu) of Poznań's Old Brewery.

Album cover: two women with long hair - one pink-haired, and another blue-haired - on a dark background. - grafika artykułu
Last year's winning cover for the album Dwunasty dom by the band Enchanted Hunters, designed by Tomasz Dubiel. Photo from press archives

At exhibition opening, the organisers will announce the winners selected by the jurors, and confer three main prizes and the Rosław Szaybo Award. Out of the total prize pool of PLN 15,000, the first prize winner will receive PLN 5000. A novelty in this year's edition is an additional special award for cover publishing. This will help highlight and appreciate the workmanship of cover printing and production quality.

Konkurs 30/30 was first held in 2015. It was conceived by the late, outstanding Poznań-based Polish graphic artist Rosław Szaybo. It is to him that the contest owes its main idea, born out of Szaybo's highly noble approach to graphic design and cooperation with musicians and other partners. As he envisioned, covers are judged on artistic value, typography, technique, and the coherence of graphics and musical content.

Entries will be accepted until 11 April 2021. All formally compliant submissions will go to the jury, who will complete their evaluations by 31 May 2021. The rules of the contest, including those for entries, have been posted on the website of Wydawnictwo Miejskie Posnania (the municipal publishing house) at


translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

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