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The never-ending euphoria

The love of TV series is by no means a contemporary invention. Certain manifestations of it can be traced to every period in history, every age in fact, as characters from very different historical contexts have always had new adventures attributed to them.

Not meant for warmth and fuzzies

MARIUSZ FORECKI, Poznań documentary photographer, author of the book of photographs Mechanizm. Polska 1988-2019 (The Mechanism. Poland in 1988-2019) in an interview with MAREK S. BOCHNIARZ

Dance: passion and poison

Choreomania and social dancing are two concepts and phenomena that form the foundation of the latest play of the Polish Dance Theatre. Choreographed by Marta Ziółek, "Trucizna" ("Poison") is scheduled to premiere on 25 February at the Zamek Cultural Centre. 

A few words on the margin

The exhibition of posters by Boris Bućan in the Arsenal Gallery is one of the first solo shows of the work of this Croatian artist to be held in Poland. While a dozen plus works by the artist were originally announced, only some of them will need up on view for reasons beyond the Gallery's control. Nevertheless, the few posters that are expected to come will undoubtedly make the retrospective well worth a visit.

Seeing through a seducer

This time it wasn't the tabloids that broke the news of the legendary womaniser's imminent arrival in Poznań. The rumour had been circulating for a while on culture websites and in culture magazines, electrifying Poznań residents. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now pleased to confirm officially: Don Juan is soon coming to the Wielki (Grand) Theatre.

Simply dance!

The Lovembal Balfolk Dance Festival is a folk dance party featuring dances inspired by a wide range of European cultural traditions. The term "balfolk" has evolved over time coming to refer to a movement that originated in France in the 1970s and that has since spread to and gained popularity in many countries of Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany.

Deep history

"What do you mean artificial?!" Told that Lake Rusałka is man-made, many Poznanians respond with incredulity. And no wonder as the reservoir's builders made every effort to make it look like a natural lake. And yet, the development of this beautiful body of water was tainted by horrible tragedy.

Non-painting impressions

 "Shortly before 1870, three young men, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, were in the habit of sitting on the banks of the Seine and paint the landscape. They were realists, interested mainly in faithfully reproducing the reflections of light in the water that appeared to be in constant motion, such reflections filling the water with new life", wrote the Italian historian and art critic Lionello Venturi about impressionists.

The Tatras in winter

The next exhibition of the Poznań Fotoplastykon (Kaiserpanorama) will take you to the south of Poland. Gaze into the vintage device and be transported to the Tatras where you will savor the unique landscapes of these mountains, their wild nature and the daily lives of the highlanders. You will see the Tatra peaks the way they appeared to tourists over six decades ago. Within one rotation cycle of the stereo photograph machine, you will view all the major stunning highlights of Poland's tallest mountain range.

Not just an artist, not just an art collector

"A true artist will never answer the question of what art is. To quote my mentor, Piet Mondrian: << Leave art alone. Create new beauty >>", said Tadeusz Mysłowski in an interview. Were we to push this artist and art collector further to force him to reveal his view on what art is, his answer might well be as provided in the M as in Master exhibition scheduled to open at the National Museum of Poznań on 22 November.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" - Daniel Lismore exhibition at Stary Browar

He is a living work of art and has worked with such fashion celebrities as Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Campbell and brands such as H&M, Mastercard and Bulgari on their flagship projects. A long list of artists and celebrities who recognise Daniel Lismore as an outstanding and intriguing artist includes Björk and David Bekcham. His art that escapes all definitions is now presented to the Polish audience for the first time at the exhibition in Stary Browar in Poznań.

Wind in the Orchestra's sails

After a traumatic Finale last year marked by a tragedy at Gdańsk's Targ Węglowy square that unfolded right before our eyes, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity came to a momentary stop. This year, however, it is back in business, living up to its promise to keep on trucking "until the end of the world and a day thereafter". And so the 28th finale is upon us!

In memory of a great composer

2020 has been proclaimed the year of music by Ludwig van Beethoven. The Poznań Philharmonic has committed itself to the ambitious plan of performing every symphony and piano concerto by this Bonn native, whose 250th anniversary of birth is being celebrated this year. The Beethoven - Our Contemporary series of concerts is due to commence on January 10.

Illness is life. Life is illness.

The Arsenal has not seen such crowds in a long time. The turnout at the opening of the Creative States of Illness: AIDS, HIV, Cancer exhibition went through the roof. How was the display itself?

Controlled Anarchy

The upcoming vinyl record release is an excuse for the December concert of the Mitch & Mitch band, which has not been heard in Poznań for a long time.

Komeda with nostalgia

All those of you who are anxious to see the 12th Nostalgia Festival Poznań can breathe a sigh of relief: the festival will go ahead after all, although on different dates, with a changed programme and at a whole new venue. What is there to expect of Poznań's most quintessentially autumn festival?

A uniquely Poznań treat

This year's Święty Marcin street-name celebration is the first one to be held after the street has been thoroughly revamped and revitalised

Guitars galore and an orchestra

The upcoming autumn edition of the Jazz Era promises to be fascinating. In his November concert, the US guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan will be joined on stage by local musicians of the Poznań Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra.

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