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Gleams of freedom - an exhibition in the Poznań Fotoplastykon

Don't miss the remarkable exhibition coming to the Poznań Fotoplastykon. Even the venue itself that houses the photoplasticon, an apparatus also known as the kaiserpanorama (or emperor's panorama), is extraordinary. After a brief interruption, the Fotoplastykon is back, set in the historic Arkadia building, serving as a time machine for the enjoyment of all buffs of Wielkopolska history.

Poznań's Fotoplastykon

The Fotoplastykon, dubbed "the big brown drum" by the poet Zbigniew Herbert, is a device used to display stereoscopic photographs. It converts two nearly identical images into a single 3D picture by means of its optical mechanism. Every visit to the Poznań Fotoplastykon is a journey through time...

Reviving a saint

So it is possible. Saint Martin (or Święty Marcin in Polish, one of the city's most important streets) is awakening from its coma, after two decades of slumber, as the renovation of the first stretch of the street between ul. Gwarna and ul. Ratajczaka nears completion.

The consistent narrative of Bohdan Cieślak

The Narracje. (Narratives) Bohdan Cieślak exhibition in the National Museum is not so much an opportunity to view the artist's stage designs, as a chance to see what is normally hidden from the view of audiences, and what, in fact, begins the scenic visual concept. The exhibition opens on 17 February.

Scenes of no importance

Here is an exhibition that is not to be missed: "Scenes of no importance", a display of collages featuring people in photographs by Jan Kurek, to be held in the Porta Posnania building from January to March.

Music, reaction, revolution

Algiers are returning to Poland. This is the band's third visit to Poznań, having appeared in various other cities in Poland, too. Don't miss the opportunity to see them live. They are scheduled to play in Poznań's Klub u Bazyla on 18 February.

Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra

It would be a simplification to say that Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra plays retro urban folk. It is a team of musicians which literally transfer its fans to the times of twenties, when hits of Adam Aston, Henryk Wars or Jerzy Petersburski reigned on Polish dance floors and in the Polish movies.

The Philharmonic of Virtuosos

Any music lovers who need a lot of cajoling to leave the comfort of their homes on a winter night should check out the February repertoire of the Poznań Philharmonic. In spite of the freezing weather outside, the interiors of the University Auditorium will feel almost spring-like. Audiences are in for a refreshingly uncommon repertoire and a wealth of novel interpretations.

Ladino Queen to sing in Poznań!

The uncontested world-renowned Israeli music celebrity vocalist Yasmin Levy, known for her sensational interpretations of Sephardic songs and her tango or flamenco performances, will appear in Poznań this April. Tickets for the event are already available.

Moniuszko waved aside comparisons with Chopin

The premiere of Halka on 31 August 1919, more than a century after the birth of Stanisław Moniuszko, inaugurated the first season of the Wielki Theatre in Poznań. One hundred years on, celebrations of the bicentennial of the composer's birth are set to begin in the Poznań Philharmonic. The choice of Moniuszko as Patron of the Year 2019 is going to make for an extraordinary year for the Poznań Philharmonic itself, as well as the rest of the country.

The Orchestra of Hearts

Definitely one of Poland's most recognised orchestras, with fans who span all age groups and musical tastes. Its declared plan is to keep on playing "to the end of time and one day longer"... The next "performance" of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is scheduled for Sunday, 13 January.

Poznań Carolling

This Christmas-time music festival features carols, pastorals and Christmas songs from around the world, performed by Poznań artists specialising in a variety of musical fields.

Instrumental nuances

Perhaps one of Poznań's most exciting musical events this December. Significant, as it brings together two local artists representing two very different genres: Rosalie. and the Poznan Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra.

Auction for the Home

On December 8th,  Dom Autysty Foundation and ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań will be joining forces yet again to collect funds for Poznań's first home for autistic persons. Artists, collectors and galleries have donated some splendid work - now You will be able to buy them!

I am happy for having chosen my profession

She decided to become a conductor at the age of eight. "I love music and adore the amazing musicians I work with. I would make the same decision again", says Agnieszka Duczmal, a conductor and founder of the Amadeus Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.

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