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Get vaccinated and get closer to the music

The Mayor of Poznan invites you to take part in a unique concert organized on 4 September as part of the #NaFalach cycle. This time the stage on Lake Strzeszyński will be filled with the sounds of music of the young generation. The concert is dedicated to those who have been vaccinated - it is a form of thanking residents for their responsible attitude in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Graphic announcing the concert: purple background, on it the most important information - grafika artykułu
The #NaFalach concert will consist of two performances

Poznan is currently among the cities with the highest number of fully vaccinated people - 63% of all residents.

- The concert is the City's tribute to those people whose attitude makes us all feel safer - says Jacek Jaskowiak, the Mayor of Poznan. - Thanks to these people, returning to reality without restrictions becomes closer and I would like to thank them for that.

The #NaFalach concert will consist of two performances. In the first one Paulina Przybysz with her band will appear on stage. The artist, who started her career with her sister Natalia as the band Sistars, has been continuing it solo for years - first as Pinnawela, then under her own name. In 2018 she picked up a Fryderyk for her album Come Here, and in 2020 her latest album entitled Odwilż was released.

Paulina Przybysz will appear in Poznan in a double role. After her full-length concert she will perform as part of Albo Inaczej. It's a unique project in which many male and female artists participate. They interpret the lyrics of the most famous hip-hop songs in new arrangements prepared especially for them. Alkopoligamia has already released three albums in this series. Their most popular songs include Jest Jedna Rzecz Peji performed by Zbigniew Wodecki, Bez ciśnień Zipera in Beata Kozidrak's version or Czerwona Sukienka Fisza sung by Justyna Święs.

- Albo Inaczej project was created to draw attention to two important issues: that Polish rappers can write brilliant lyrics and that music can connect artists from completely different worlds," says Witold Michalak, the initiator of the project. - In Poznań, we will perform in the following line-up: Krystyna Prońko, Ten Typ Mes, Paulina Przybysz, Te-Tris, Kasia Lins, Natalia Nykiel, Emil Blef, Eldo and Piotr Zioła. I invite everyone to participate in the concert," he adds.

The concert is a joint initiative of the City of Poznan and The Youth City Council of Poznan.

- We agreed together that the event will be an opportunity to promote vaccinations among young people," says Jędrzej Solarski, the deputy mayor of the city. - We all want the restrictions, which result from the risk of contracting COVID-19, to be lifted. We also want to return to the normal rhythm of work and learning. The mode of operation of schools is unfortunately still dependent on the number of vaccinated. Telling the youth: "get vaccinated and be closer to music", we encourage you to make a responsible and important decision.

Please bring your vaccination certificate to the event - only it will entitle you to enter the concert area. Persons who have medical contraindications to vaccination will be able to listen to the concert in a specially prepared area - entry to which will be possible on the basis of a statement.

The City of Poznan organizes vaccinations as part of the General Vaccination Center at the Municipal Stadium in Poznań and duty of the Mobile Vaccination Center. Detailed information on the City of Poznan's offer regarding vaccinations is available on the website and on the infoline Poznan Contact Office, phone no.: 61 646 33 44.