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Poznań Art Week 2020 to take away!

Monday 11 May marked the start of the fourth edition of the Poznań Art Week, the only art festival in the capital of the Wielkopolska region to have packed such a great number of visual art events into a single programme. This year, the majority of the projects will be accessible online.

The National Museum reopens!

Poznań's first cultural institution to restore its operations has reopened after nearly two months of closure due to Covid-19. The permanent exhibitions of the National Museum and its nine branches are again accessible to visitors.

Trolleybuses at turning points of history

Fifty years ago, trolleybuses disappeared from the streets of Poznań. On 29 March 1970, the last trolleybus line, number 103 from Ogrody to Smochowice, was closed. Why did Poznań residents call trolleybuses "a poor man's trams"? Is there a chance they might ever return to Poznań?

CULTURE IN SLIPPERS: A concert in your living room

It has become very clear these days that the coronavirus pandemic has struck artists of all stripes with particular ferocity. As we substitute virtual concerts streamed into our homes for live events, we should not forget about the option of listening to recordings of concerts past.

CULTURE IN SLIPPERS: Photography as testimony for the times

The Internet keeps people from getting bored in these troubled times. Book authors share insights into their work, museums open up to virtual visitors, while a somewhat forgotten app that allows people to watch Netflix together is making a comeback. My recommendation is photography. That is because I think it is always a good time to see great photographs.

The Bard

The news of his arrival electrified everyone. "Even those who did not otherwise care much for music quivered in excitement," wrote Ryszard Gloger in Głos Wielkopolski. Leonard Cohen appeared on stage in Poznań 35 years ago.

CULTURE IN SLIPPERS: Make your own omelette

Many of us were planning to see the Short Waves Festival scheduled to begin on March 17. All we know at the moment is that it has been moved to August. Where then do we find short films? My personal recommendation is to visit the Omeleto channel on YouTube.

CULTURE IN SLIPPERS: The top five family movies

The coronavirus plight has confined many people to their homes. Schools have closed, entertainment, cultural and sporting events got cancelled, and many people have been forced to work remotely... To make this time of imposed isolation a little more pleasurable and show that culture is always within your reach, we have enlisted the help of our authors to offer suggestions on how to bring culture into your leisure time. First up, we are going to hear from Patryk Szczechowiak with his cinematic recommendations.

Over 80 events, 250 films screened in several locations and 100 international guests in just 6 days. Such is the promise of the 12th edition of the Short Waves Festival scheduled to begin on 17 March.

The never-ending euphoria

The love of TV series is by no means a contemporary invention. Certain manifestations of it can be traced to every period in history, every age in fact, as characters from very different historical contexts have always had new adventures attributed to them.

Not meant for warmth and fuzzies

MARIUSZ FORECKI, Poznań documentary photographer, author of the book of photographs Mechanizm. Polska 1988-2019 (The Mechanism. Poland in 1988-2019) in an interview with MAREK S. BOCHNIARZ

Dance: passion and poison

Choreomania and social dancing are two concepts and phenomena that form the foundation of the latest play of the Polish Dance Theatre. Choreographed by Marta Ziółek, "Trucizna" ("Poison") is scheduled to premiere on 25 February at the Zamek Cultural Centre. 

A few words on the margin

The exhibition of posters by Boris Bućan in the Arsenal Gallery is one of the first solo shows of the work of this Croatian artist to be held in Poland. While a dozen plus works by the artist were originally announced, only some of them will need up on view for reasons beyond the Gallery's control. Nevertheless, the few posters that are expected to come will undoubtedly make the retrospective well worth a visit.

Seeing through a seducer

This time it wasn't the tabloids that broke the news of the legendary womaniser's imminent arrival in Poznań. The rumour had been circulating for a while on culture websites and in culture magazines, electrifying Poznań residents. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now pleased to confirm officially: Don Juan is soon coming to the Wielki (Grand) Theatre.

Simply dance!

The Lovembal Balfolk Dance Festival is a folk dance party featuring dances inspired by a wide range of European cultural traditions. The term "balfolk" has evolved over time coming to refer to a movement that originated in France in the 1970s and that has since spread to and gained popularity in many countries of Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany.

Deep history

"What do you mean artificial?!" Told that Lake Rusałka is man-made, many Poznanians respond with incredulity. And no wonder as the reservoir's builders made every effort to make it look like a natural lake. And yet, the development of this beautiful body of water was tainted by horrible tragedy.

Non-painting impressions

 "Shortly before 1870, three young men, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, were in the habit of sitting on the banks of the Seine and paint the landscape. They were realists, interested mainly in faithfully reproducing the reflections of light in the water that appeared to be in constant motion, such reflections filling the water with new life", wrote the Italian historian and art critic Lionello Venturi about impressionists.

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