Culture in Poznań


The iron artist

Decorative lamps in front of the Warsaw building of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, bars for the windows of the Poznań Ballet School, the City Hall and the Arsenal Gallery, and an abstract geometric composition called Victory in the Citadel Park are just a few of the many examples of Julian Boss-Gosławski's art. The sculptor's works, including pieces from his Epidemic series, the sculptures Hiroshima and County Battleship, and items from the National Museum of Poznań and private collections will be on display in the Piekary Gallery starting on 19 August.

A picture-like story

A feast of folk costume colours always makes the audiences smile involuntarily. Many opportunities to smile and savour traditions and folklore from different parts of the world will be provided during the 20th anniversary edition of the Integrations World Folklore Review.

An avant-garde artist emerging from obscurity

Her name comes up in all consequential studies on the Polish avant-garde alongside those of such greats as Katarzyna Kobro, Władysław Strzemiński, and Henryk Stażewski. And yet, the work of Maria Nicz-Borowiakowa has never been recognised in a dedicated all-encompassing debate or presentation.

Hiking trails seen through the lens of Władysław Rut

In October 1979, Władysław Rut set out to shoot a series of photographs portraying Poland's mountains in autumn. He traveled the trails of the Pieniny and Tatra Mountains from a base camp in Nowy Targ. He had a companion, his teenage granddaughter Anna, who would later, in 2021, submit the stereo photographs as she answer a call from the Posnania Municipal Publishing House whose Poznań Fotoplastykon was collecting material for its "Making an exhibition together" project. The resulting collection is currently on view at the Fotoplastykon's venue.

Tey*, Bamber!

I will always be fond of Bamber Day. It was during one of the Bamber Day events that I met the future protagonists of my photo exhibition, who were folklore enthusiasts and with whom I have remained in touch to this day. This year's Bamber Day will be part of a bigger Poznań Traditions Festival scheduled for 5-7 August.

Celebrating animation

This year's edition of Animator promises to feature more than 300 animated films in its competitions and various other sections. The festival will offer meetings with artists, animation workshops for kids, and a visit to Spain. The dates of this celebration of Polish and world animation, to be held in Poznań for the 15th time, is fast approaching.

The sound of a summer night

It is hard to even imagine spending the holiday season in Poznań without the #NaFalach series of free outdoor concerts. The previous editions, which have been held since 2019 but skipped 2020 due to covid, featured numerous events that showed that, far from being a cultural dead season, summer in Poznań offers hosts of possibilities to delve into the world of music in your off time and to do it outdoors. This year's July concerts by Luxtorpeda, Sorry Boys, LemON and Happysad will be no exception.

A musical feast!

As it does every summer, the time has come to enjoy the Letnie Brzmienia (Summer Sounds) event held in Stary Browar (Old Brewery) Park and its outdoor concerts by Poland's top artists of recent years. The upcoming July line-up features Tymek, Brodka, Natalia Przybysz, Mery Spolsky and Sanah. And this is not all - the list of stars scheduled to appear in Poznań this year goes on and on.

Under a single sky

"The festival has no direct impact on the world: it does not work on a state border or fight on the frontlines in a war, but, like most of us, it can make a difference from behind the scenes", say the organisers of this year's Malta festival in their programme statement. They encourage us all to join ranks with them behind the scenes.

Fantastic and unrestrained!

For the 20th time now, Pyrkon will draw droves of participants to Poznań. How has this one-day event made by the fans for the fans turned into Poznań's biggest fantastic industry event?

Beautifully engrossed

"You tippy toe on the lawns here not to disturb people beautifully engrossed in music," said the famous Polish composer, jazz pianist and music producer Leszek Możdżer. He is also Artistic Director of the Enter Enea Festival, whose 12th edition is imminent.

A place for dialogue and diversity

Remarkable artists from Tunisia, Iran, and many parts of Europe, including Poland and obviously Ukraine, will star in this year's edition of Ethno Port that promises to be exceptional.

Avant-garde painterly sounds

He started his studies at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Poznań only to transfer to the city's Music Conservatory and finally enrol at the Private Institute of Fine Arts... Alfred Lenica is the artist behind the Piekary Gallery's latest exhibition, which will remain on view in the Castle until August.

Sounds too bloom in spring

From its very origin, the festival has been intended to ​​widely popularise new music while catering to the sophisticated tastes of the connoisseurs of the genre. This year's edition of the Poznań Music Spring will take place on 26-29 May.

Summer chamber music in spring

While it remains to be seen whether the world has returned to any kind of normal since the pandemic was declared over, one surely needs a direct experience of art. Therefore do not miss the Insomnia festival, which is typically held in June. This year's 6th edition will exceptionally take place in May!

Museum Night is back!

After a two-year pandemic-related hiatus, culture is returning to normal, as evidenced by the resumption of regular events. One of the most popular of them is Museum Night, which is scheduled for 14 May.

Chronicling the times

Top documentaries from recent years will be screened during the 19th edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity.

World Press Photo is back in Poznań!

The world's top photojournalism exhibition World Press Photo returns to Poznań, Poland. This time around, photos from leading photographers chronicling global developments are set to be on view on the Poznań International Fair grounds.

Sensible imagination

Poland's first and Europe's largest display of works by Antoni Gaudí awaits fans of the Catalan architect's art in the Castle (Zamek) Cultural Centre.

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