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FUNGAE - a feat of imagination at FOTOPLASTYKON POZNAŃSKI

What if the whole world was one enormous mycelium that you wander around in search of a way out? Will you not only see it, but enter it?

An abstract drawing showing numerous lines in red, green and yellow colours. - grafika artykułu
The images come from a graphic novel published by the Kultura Gniewu Publishing House, photograph: courtesy of the organisers

FUNGAE show - the newest graphic novel by Tomasz Leśniak and Wojtek Wawszczyk - provides an opportunity to enter the world of strange thicket, insects and mushroom spores that the comic heroes have to wade through. The fantasy comparable to "The Last of Us", the action-adventure game, in a whole new context.

Stereoscopic photography allows for immersion: the viewer is immersed in a 17-minute show, taking him back to the very beginnings of cinema, before the invention of the cinematograph. The Fotoplastykon (eng. kaiserpanorama), which has been present in Poznań since 1923, gains, after a hundred years of its existence, an exhibition of the latest comic drawings. The comic from 2023 is adapted to historic machinery and draws you into the depth of the image.

The author of the drawings is Tomek Leśniak: the creator of "Jeż Jerzy", "Tymek i Mistrz" as well as three-dimensional illuminations of medieval books at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. For many years, they have been working together with Wojtek Wawszczyk, the screenwriter of "FUNGAE" - known from the comic book "Pan Żarówka", the films "Headless", "Splinter" or special effects for "I, robot". Together, they made the film "Jeż Jerzy", the series "Kacperiada", and are currently wrapping up the feature "Diplodok" based on the iconic comic book character by Tadeusz Baranowski.

The FUNGAE exhibition at the Poznan Fotoplastykon is a feat of imagination and a bet with the future. Is the horror experienced by the comic book characters really impossible? After all, the Latin Fungi refers to a kingdom expanding by new species discovered every year, and even now we know very little about the possibilities of fungi and their relationship with human activity.

The images come from a graphic novel published by the Kultura Gniewu Publishing House.

  • FUNGAE - an exhibition in the Poznań Fotoplastykon, authors: Tomasz Leśniak, Wojtek Wawszczyk
  • Centrum Informacji Kulturalnej (Cultural Information Centre), ul. F. Ratajczaka 44
  • 12.06.2023 - 8.07.2023; opening hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday closed, last admission 1 hour before closing time
  • tickets: regular admission - 6 pln, reduced admission - 3 pln, family tickets - 12 pln, group tickets (groups of 10 or more) - 25 pln
  • organised by: Kultura Gniewu Publishing House, Posnania Municipal Publishing House - Cultural Information Center, Estrada Poznańska

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