Culture in Poznań


The imminent invasion of ants

Get ready, folks! The Prodigy, a top band that has made dance music history, the rave scene godfather, is coming to Poznań on its latest European tour.

Christmas culture

Get ready for the festive season because, as Any Williams says in one of the best known and most popular Christmas songs, "It's the most wonderful time of the year". With this special time around the corner, we hasten to announce that this December is packed to the brim with unmissable holiday events.

The young sixty-year-old

An audience that is young also tends to be the most demanding. Young people readily spot insincere content and will not hesitate to express criticism or show they are bored. They also expect fair treatment both in language and aesthetics that resonates with their age group. For over six decades, the organisers of the Ale Kino! International Young Audience Film Festival have consistently identified films that meet these criteria. The festival's 41st edition is scheduled to take place from 26 November to 3 December.

The Competition of Competitions

It is quite tempting to call the Grand Prix of Polish Choir Singing the "Champions League of Music". This distinguished competition, hosted in Poznań, selects its victor from a pool of laureates of esteemed national competitions. Participants gain invaluable learning opportunities, from which even the best of them can derive plentiful benefits. For the audience, this represents a chance to savour the performances of outstanding choirs.

A celebration of short cinema

The Short Waves International Short Film Festival needs no introduction among dedicated cinephiles. Its fifteenth iteration is set to take place in Poznań, this time in its autumn rendition, spanning nearly a week from 14 to 19 November. Its motto is "Rethink/Rebuild".

From Malawi to the world stage

This November, the Jazz Era will celebrate its quarter-century anniversary with an upcoming gala concert starring Malia, a UK singer of African descent, and Damian Kostka of Poznań.

A Window to the World

Documentary films offer commentaries on today's world providing a window to it that may not always be readily accessible. Between 24 and 29 October, an impressive selection of such films will be screened at the Zamek Cultural Centre as part the Off Cinema festival.

The proven formula

The forthcoming season of the Poznań Philharmonic can aptly be described as "multi-directional". It promises a blend of lesser-known musical gems interwoven with orchestral classics and punctuated by performances of renowned guest artists and solo appearances by celebrated local musicians.

The phenomenon of Versace

The Old Brewery shopping, art, and business hub has kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration with an exhibition showcasing the legacy of the legendary Gianni Versace. Entitled "Gianni Versace - Retrospective", this display takes stock of the designer's lifetime accomplishments, inviting viewers on a journey of the artistic and biographical turning points of his life.

Good friends

"Bons Amigos" is the title of a collaborative album by Dorota Miśkiewicz and Brazilian artist Toninho Horta. Before the album hits store shelves, the material will surface in concert. The artists are set to appear in Poznań's Blue Note on the last Sunday of September.

Respecting memories

"This is a happy moment, even amidst challenges that evoke stress", ​​remarks Iwona Pasińska, the Head of the Polish Dance Theatre, as it commemorates its 50th anniversary. "I am delighted to hold this celebration in our newly constructed venue, a collaborative endeavour that now affords us the privilege of working in our own space every day".

Summer-end tunes

Mrozu, Natalia Przybysz, Zalewski, Vito Bambino, Nosowska and the premiere Babie Lato project hosted by Natalia Kukulska are just a few good reasons to spend the first weekend of September in Citadel Park. For many buffs of pop and general alternative music, the Poznań edition of the two-day Summer Sounds 2023 festival may be the best party in town with which to close the holiday season.

A weekend in the dark

As the last weekend of August approaches, there is no need to lament the end of the holidays. Instead, you can indulge in exploring forts, air-raid shelters, secret tunnels, and dark passages. An excellent opportunity to do just that awaits you with the 11th edition of Poznań Fortress Days!

Dance week

Twenty-four instructors, thirty different dance styles, forty-eight ​​courses per day in a dance workshop for over a thousand participants. Such are the numbers for this year's Dancing fairPlayce. But while counting dance steps may have its merits, what it is all really about is sheer enjoyment.

Nothing new to offer - but so what!?

Unable to make it to the Jarocin festival this year? No need to worry, we have another plan for you. Without ever leaving Poznań, you will indulge in the rock hits of many Polish stars over two weekend days.

An exhibition that calms the mind

Some exhibitions make everything seem to fit together perfectly. They attain harmony by ensuring that what visitors see is relevant for the setting in which they see it. Such harmony is defined not by the design of the space, but rather by an elusive congruity. The Jerzy Nowosielski: Icon and Abstraction exhibition undoubtedly falls into this exceptional category. It is held at the Archdiocesan Museum on the 100th anniversary of the artist's birth.

The city in The Chronicle. The Chronicle in the city

Launched a century ago in 1923 at the initiative of Zygmunt Zaleski, Head of the Municipal Statistical Office, Kronika Poznania (The Poznań Chronicle) started out as a monthly. Very soon, in 1927, it turned into a quarterly, a format it has maintained to this day. The magazine boasts being one of Poland's oldest publications of its kind dedicated to chronicling the history of a city.

Edison: A Little Anniversary

Grubson, Voo Voo, Muchy, Anita Lipnicka, Ralph Kaminski, and Sorry Boys are among the numerous stars set to grace this year's Edison Festival. The event is scheduled to take place in Baranowo, near Poznań, on 7-8 July.

On Concert Waves

Spring and summer present a splendid opportunity to savour the music of your favourite performers in open-air settings. One such occasion is the comeback of the #NaFalach concerts.

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