Culture in Poznań


Beautifully engrossed

"You tippy toe on the lawns here not to disturb people beautifully engrossed in music," said the famous Polish composer, jazz pianist and music producer Leszek Możdżer. He is also Artistic Director of the Enter Enea Festival, whose 12th edition is imminent.

A place for dialogue and diversity

Remarkable artists from Tunisia, Iran, and many parts of Europe, including Poland and obviously Ukraine, will star in this year's edition of Ethno Port that promises to be exceptional.

Avant-garde painterly sounds

He started his studies at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Poznań only to transfer to the city's Music Conservatory and finally enrol at the Private Institute of Fine Arts... Alfred Lenica is the artist behind the Piekary Gallery's latest exhibition, which will remain on view in the Castle until August.

Sounds too bloom in spring

From its very origin, the festival has been intended to ​​widely popularise new music while catering to the sophisticated tastes of the connoisseurs of the genre. This year's edition of the Poznań Music Spring will take place on 26-29 May.

Summer chamber music in spring

While it remains to be seen whether the world has returned to any kind of normal since the pandemic was declared over, one surely needs a direct experience of art. Therefore do not miss the Insomnia festival, which is typically held in June. This year's 6th edition will exceptionally take place in May!

Museum Night is back!

After a two-year pandemic-related hiatus, culture is returning to normal, as evidenced by the resumption of regular events. One of the most popular of them is Museum Night, which is scheduled for 14 May.

World Press Photo is back in Poznań!

The world's top photojournalism exhibition World Press Photo returns to Poznań, Poland. This time around, photos from leading photographers chronicling global developments are set to be on view on the Poznań International Fair grounds.

Sensible imagination

Poland's first and Europe's largest display of works by Antoni Gaudí awaits fans of the Catalan architect's art in the Castle (Zamek) Cultural Centre.

We are young

Two reasons make My Name Is Poznań a truly remarkable album in the eyes of Poznań residents. Released in late March and branded with the logo of the widely-known Kayax label, the album is not only a unique compilation of premiere songs by thirteen young, talented Poznań bands and performers, but also compelling evidence that the capital of the Wielkopolska region is teeming with high-quality, exuberant, fresh, and diverse music.

Beautiful and rebellious

The LGBT+ film festival is already in its 13th edition. What began as a modest event held in a single Warsaw cinema, has over the years grown to span multiple Polish cities. This year's edition will be held in eight of them.

All roads lead to Rome

Last year, the Posnania Municipal Publishing House ran a campaign of collecting stereoscopic photographs and souvenirs for the Poznań Fotoplastykon. The images they garnered included a great number of stereoscopic photographs of Rome dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We found them fascinating and felt inspired to delve deeper into the subject.

Between Komeda and hip-hop

Female jazz vocals, the usual share of Komeda's music, and a fusion of jazz and hip-hop. A pledge to use a portion of proceeds to aid Ukrainian refugees. I bring you this year's edition of Jazz Era (Era Jazzu) festival.

Women on top!

The Wandalistki Foundation, a women's non-profit mountaineering organisation, is due to hold Poland's first Women's Mountaineering and Travel Film Festival at the Muza cinema in April.

To close and conclude

Poland's classic painter Stanisław Fijałkowski, who died in 2020, remained artistically active up until practically the very end of his fascinating life.

The rest is a disguise

The winner of the ninth edition of the RuPaul Drag Race was Sasha Velour. After this accomplishment, the artist prepared her own one-person show entitled Smoke & Mirrors. During her March tour of Poland, she will appear in Poznań's Earth Hall.

The Wizard of Catalonia

"The exhibition is meant to portray him as the complete artist that he was. An artist who did not limit himself to architecture and buildings and who scrupulously attended to the smallest of details. One that had to get the colours of his ceramic tiles just right and fit his building with practical solutions to make life comfortable and good for their residents, complete with plenty of light, air, and greenery". Such are the main precepts of the exhibition scheduled to open on 5 March at the Zamek (Castle) Cultural Centre. Its displays will be filled with the designs, drawings, furniture replicas and more from Antoni Gaudí, one of the most remarkable architects of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Capture every audience member

Agnieszka Duczmal, conductor, founder of the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio, winner of the prestigious Diamond Baton award, in an interview with Paweł Binek

For Women, By Women

The seventh edition of the "For Women, by Women" campaign is around the corner. No charity gala would be complete without a unique concert. This time around, the first lady of Polish jazz, Ewa Bem, known for such hits as Moje serce to jest muzyk (My Heart is a Musician), Pomidory (Tomatoes) or Daj mi znak (Give Me a Sign), is set to appear in Adam Mickiewicz University Auditorium.

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