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Guitar Academy Festival - Akademia Gitary

2020-08-15 ( Saturday ) – 2020-08-22 ( Saturday )
various locations, Poznań

Concerts in Poznań:

  • 15.08. - concert by; Old Market Square, 6 pm
  • 18.08. - concert by lukasz Kuropaczewski and the lecture; online event (Akademia Gitary FB), 7 pm
  • 22.08. - concert by Avi Avital & łukasz Kuropaczewski; Parish Church, 7:30 pm

Free admission

Within years, the Festival kept growing and spreading around Europe and world-wide. The Festival's strenght lies in its artistic diversity. There are classical guitar concerts, as well as flamenco, rock and jazz music. The organizers of the festival events do not forget about their youngest audience - there were concerts addressed especially to them in the  series Guitar Academy: KIDS. The senior citizens could also find reach and enjoyable program filled with concerts and picnics in the special series Guitar Academy 60+.

The Festival's great atmosphere, coupled with an excellent feel for repertoire of its artistic director, Kuropaczewski, bring to Wielkopolska Region top class musicians from all over the world, such as Guitar Quartet from Los Angeles or guitarists Manuel Barrueco and Pepe Romero. Many of those performing at the Festival became the audience's favourites, like the amazing Spanish-Greek Duo, Melis.

In this year we invited amazing young polish musicians: Jagoda Świdzińska, Kacper Dworniczak, Andrzej Grygier, Pajestka Kostecki Duo, In the final concerts in Poznań, Gniezno and Kołobrzeg will play Avi Avital, a mandolina player from Israel, nominated for a Grammy Award and Łukasz Kuropaczewski, world famous guitarist and art director of Guitar Academy Festival.

Today, after 13 years, the Guitar Academy Festival has a recognisable brand of its own and has gained its strong position not only in Europe, but also worldwide.

materials made available by the organizer: Akademia Gitary

For more see: Akademia Gitary

Concerts outside Poznań:

  • 16.08. - Jagoda Świdzińska & Kacper Dworniczak - 5 pm, Jankowice, Pałac Jankowice (Jankowice Palace)
  • 16.08. - Pajestka Kostecki Duo - 7 pm, Konin, Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski Świętego Ducha (Evangelical Augsburg Church of the Holy Spirit)
  • 20.08. - Andrzej Grygier - 7 pm, Czarnków, Sala Towarzyska Miejskiego Centrum Kultury
  • 20.08. - Avi Avital & Łukasz Kuropaczewski - 8.30 pm, Kołobrzeg, Bazylika Konkatedralna (Co-Cathedral Basilica)
  • 21.08. - Avi Avital & Łukasz Kuropaczewski - 7 pm, Gniezno, Archikatedra Gnieźnieńska