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Pariah - premiere

2019-06-28 ( Friday )
Arena, ul. S. Wyspiańskiego 33, Poznań

Opera in three acts 
libretto by Jan Chęciński based on the tragedy of Casimir Delavigne

The opera is for everyone, but not everyone knows it. That is why Graham Vick, a director who has not forgotten that music is, above all, a carrier of emotions, has come to Poznań. And we all experience emotions - regardless of our education or social status. Our reactions to art create a colourful mosaic, which makes it impossible to repeat a performance once played. That is what it is all about. So, if you want to co-create an opera, nothing could be simpler - come and see "Pariah"! Mingle with the crowd of extras, listen to the orchestra, observe the conductor, feel the high C vibrations. Come and experience the story of Neala and Idamor - two people who should never have met in a distinctly hierarchical society, but were united by their feelings for each other. Against social order, against the law, against religion, against their fathers. No choice will be simple, and every choice will have consequences on a scale equal to a small revolution. Become part of it, because there will never be an opportunity quite like this

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