Culture in Poznań



Celebration of anniversary of outbreak of Wielkopolska Uprising

2018-12-26 ( Wednesday ) – 2018-12-28 ( Friday )

The Wielkopolska Uprising, which broke out on December 27, 1818, was Poland's largest victorious uprising and a very special event in the history of the Polish nation. Celebrations of its anniversaries are coordinated by the Office of Wielkopolska Governor. In Poznań, anniversary events are additionally organised by the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence, whose branch, the Museum of the Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918-1919, is located in the Old Market Square. The celebrations include a re-enactment of Ignacy Jan Paderewski's arrival in Poznań, staged every year on December 26, an official ceremony at the monument of Wielkopolska Insurgents, held on December 27, and a re-enactment of insurgent fighting at the Old Market Square Guardhouse.