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"Defeat sepsis! We play for everyone - the little ones and the big!" and "A healthy life in a healthy world" are the slogans of this year's 31st Finale of the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity scheduled for 29 January. In Poznań, the main events will take place on the Poznań International Fair grounds with performances by Peja, Ørganek and more.

Photo of Jurek Owsiak with a microphone in his hand. In the background some people, including a man with a film camera. - grafika artykułu
Photograph from the press (WOŚP)

The past Orchestra Finales have invariably proven that Poznanians are willing to help and have hearts in the right place. Last year in this city, over 2,000 volunteers collected an astounding PLN 1.8 million, which bought 13.5 thousand pieces of medical equipment for Poznań hospitals. These included a transport incubator, an ultrasound machine, and a mobile neonatal non-invasive respiratory support device.

Last year's mission was a resounding success, and this year will certainly be no different, especially that the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity in the capital of the Wielkopolska Region will play with a flair, this time to raise money to combat sepsis, a common small patient killer.

According to Tamara Briańska of the Ławica District Headquarters, this year's Poznań Finale programme is bursting at the seams. "On this day, we will do everything humanly possible to encourage Poznań dwellers to leave their homes and join our "summer riot in the middle of winter'", says Briańska. While the Finale attractions will be scattered around town, the key events will take place on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair, organised by the Ławica District Headquarters. The Grand Orchestra will appear in the Poznań Congress Centre Hall, the Spire (pavilion 11) building, the newly refurbished Pewuki Square and the Eastern Hall.

It is in these venues that most events will take place. In addition to usual auctions (one of which will feature the Golden Heart) and the "Light to Heaven" show, the programme includes paramedic and firefighting demonstrations, workshops, and a number of sports activities, including the "Down with Diabetes" run and the "Bicycle Dizzy" marathon. There is also the "Find the Orchestra" urban game and a show staged by the Federation of Polish Barbers.

In keeping with the "healthy life in a healthy world" slogan, a health zone (with mobile blood collection stations), a children's activity area, an ice rink and a ferris wheel will be open throughout the day. The Fairgrounds will also be the site of a food truck town featuring the Marathon Food Truck, the world's largest vehicle of its type. And this is not all as the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity will also bring you good live music...

Many bands and performers will appear on either its big or small stage to cater to every musical taste. Among them is Ørganek, known for such rock hits as Głupi ja, Wiosna and Niemiłość. Also in the line-up is Peja, one of Poland's most popular rappers and a true legend of Poznań hip-hop. Other artists include the Poznań-native Proforma Quartet working closely with Kazik Staszewski, the glam metal band Vain Train and the alternative music Decadent Fun Club (winner of the Jarocin festival in 2017). Do not miss the promising dance performances by the three Poznań groups Activus Taniec i Fitness, Jazz Dance Studio - Anna Beker and the Fouetté School of Dance and Ballet. The organisers advise that the main Poznań Grand Finale programme is subject to change and to get one's regular updates on the Ławica District Headquarters website. See you there! Make sure to visit the Poznań International Fair grounds on the last Sunday of January and do some good - it always comes back.

Sebastian Gabryel

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski 

  • Poznań's main 2023 Finale of the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity
  • Poznań International Fair grounds
  • 29 January
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