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Twenty historic works of art

In late February, the Archdiocesan Museum will hold the historic art exhibition About the Sacred (Wokół sacrum).

.A room of the museum - two pictures and a sculpture from the exhibition "About the Sacred" - grafika artykułu
photograph from the press

The display will feature twenty fifteenth- and sixteenth-century paintings and sculptures on loan from the Archdiocesan Museum of Wrocław. These most representative works of local art from the period include some of the most superb historic paintings and sculptures, previously on view at major international temporary exhibitions. The selection comprises items of great artistic and historic value never before seen in Poznań.

For close to a year, visitors will get to see a monumental Pietà, acclaimed as the most remarkable wooden sculpture of its kind, modeled on a limestone figure from the church of St. Mary on the Sand, as well as the "red" image of Crucified Christ adored by canons, considered to be among the best exemplars of Silesian painting. In March, a contemporary art display will complement the exhibition.

Written by the Editors

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

  • About the Sacred (Wokół sacrum), a historic art exhibition (15th/16thcenturies) in the Archdiocesan Museum
  • Opening: 25 February, 6pm
  • 26. Feb. - 30. Nov.

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