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The sound of a summer night

It is hard to even imagine spending the holiday season in Poznań without the #NaFalach series of free outdoor concerts. The previous editions, which have been held since 2019 but skipped 2020 due to covid, featured numerous events that showed that, far from being a cultural dead season, summer in Poznań offers hosts of possibilities to delve into the world of music in your off time and to do it outdoors. This year's July concerts by Luxtorpeda, Sorry Boys, LemON and Happysad will be no exception.

Photograph of the band: 5 men standing inside of empty factory hall with big windows - grafika artykułu
Luxtorpeda, photograph from the press

Appearances by such stars as Bednarek, Paulina Przybysz and the Albo Inaczej project band by Lake Malta and, exceptionally this year, on the Strzeszynek Lake waterfront, have shown repeatedly that #NaFalach is a brilliant tried-and-tested event template that makes spending a summer in the capital of Wielkopolska a fantastic idea. The first and last weekend of July will see a number of #NaFalach concerts that nobody, and especially not the fans of Polish rock, will want to miss. The concerts will come in several flavours, each equally delicious.

The first to take the stage is Luxtorpeda (1.07). The band has recently made waves with their new release Omega that set the music scene ablaze as it rose to heights unprecedented in the band's musical history. Robert "Litza" Friedrich's ensemble's new uncompromising, raw pieces that pack a powerful punch of pure energy continue in the spirit of their previous singles Antonówka and Przygotuj się na najlepsze.

The following day promises to be no less exciting. Its stars, the Sorry Boys (2.07), will appear in Strzeszynek to bring back their greatest hits, of which the band of Bela Komoszyńska (who is known as "the Polish Florence Welch" for a good reason), has produced an abundance. Although the band started out mostly with strictly-rock songs, with time they took to experimenting with synthesiser electronics, which by now has made them kings of Polish alternative music. This was laid bare in their last album Miłość released three years ago, from which many songs will be performed during the concert.

Napraw, Jutro, Scarlett, Nice, and Będę z tobą are just a few examples of the greatest hits by the pop-rock band LemON (July 29), which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its establishment this year after a decade of platinum albums and hundreds of sold-out concerts all over Poland. "We have grown together. We have argued, broke up, missed one another, made discoveries, and experienced things together... ", recollects Igor Herbut, the band's leader and one of the best and most interesting vocals on the Polish post-2000 pop music scene as he announced a tour organised to mark the occasion. Exaggeration? If you think so, just take a listen to Mamo, tyś płakała from his most recent duo with Sanah.

As if this weren't enough, the #NaFalach series will feature Happysad (30.07), the now iconic Polish alt-rock band that last year celebrated its 20th year in the business and has just released its highly successful Odrzutowce i Kowery. Did you think that Zanim pójdę was both the start and the end of Kawalec's band? You couldn't be more wrong. See you in Strzeszynek!

Sebastian Gabryel

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski


1, 2, 29 and 30 of July


free admission

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