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Lift up your hearts! 100 years of KKS Lech Poznań

More than a mere sports club, Lech Poznań is a social phenomenon. Radosław Nawrot once called it "Lechism". In Poznań, or more broadly, in the region of Wielkopolska, Lech is ubiquitous. A frequent topic of conversation at work, school, the local greengrocer's, or hairdresser's, it may even be raised in a childcare centre by parents waiting for their kids to finish their afternoon tea... The Posnania Municipal Publishing House simply could not ignore an event as socially significant as the club's centenary celebration. Therefore, to mark the occasion, we cordially invite you to the exhibition "Lift Up Your Hearts! 100 years of KKS Lech Poznań".

Black and white photo of men standing in a row. Opposite one of them a man holding a cup. In the background grass, trees and buildings. - grafika artykułu
Lech Poznań team captain Marek Skurczyński receives the club's first ever trophy after defeating Pogoń Szczecin in the Polish Cup final, 19 May 1982. Photograph by A. Szozda, courtesy of the Poznań Development Foundation /

There, placed on view, are dozens of stereophotographs depicting the rich history of the Lech Poznań Railway Sports Club, which extends beyond football alone. Many outstanding athletes have fought for the club's blue and white colours representing Poland in a range of disciplines. The photos portray cyclists, basketball and field hockey players. On many occasions, first-league field hockey finalists vying for championship would all belong to one Poznań club or another. The biggest number of photographs are those dedicated to the history of football, whose traditions are carried on by Lech Poznań. These show first league qualifying games, early victories won during the time of coach Wojciech Łazarek, memorable international matchups, the most prominent of which have been against Aberdeen FC, Athletic Bilbao, and FC Barcelona, as well as the latest history and the present day. They depict not only athletes, but naturally also fans. Some show crowded stands in the 22 Lipca Stadium (later renamed the Edmund Szyc Stadium) and the ul. Bułgarska Stadium. After all, Lech is not only made up of its players but also of its supporters!

The legendary English footballer and coach Sir Bobby Robson has said that the first ninety minutes of a football match are the most important. We are confident that every minute you spend looking at the Fotoplastykon stereophotographs will be just as precious. You may even choose to go to extra time.

Paweł Michalak

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

  • Poznań Fotoplastykon exhibition
  • 1 December 2022 to 31 March 2023

The majority of the iconographic materials used at the exhibition have been digitised and posted on They are provided courtesy of the Poznań City Development Foundation, the State Archives in Poznań, the Surma Sports Club, the Wielkopolska District Swimming Association, and private collectors.

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