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Ladino Queen to sing in Poznań!

The uncontested world-renowned Israeli music celebrity vocalist Yasmin Levy, known for her sensational interpretations of Sephardic songs and her tango or flamenco performances, will appear in Poznań this April. Tickets for the event are already available.

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photo: Ali Taskirian

"I grew up surrounded by diverse musical styles, flavours, fragrances and cuisines from around the world! I was lucky to have been born in Jerusalem. When composing or performing today, I do not even think about where a piece came from. I simply follow my heart. That is the way I am. I owe everything to this city," said Yasmin Levy a few months ago in an interview for Polish Radio Two. In November last year, the artist gave a concert with the Polish Radio Orchestra, which was broadcast live. The listening audience received it enthusiastically. In early April, Poznań audiences will get a chance to hear her distinctive voice and unique singing style that is both highly dramatic and emotional.

Yasmin Levy was born in the historic Jerusalem district of Baka as the daughter of Ytzhak Levy, the famous researcher of the Ladino language and the Sephardic culture of this diaspora of Spanish Jews. Her creative explorations inspired her debut album "Romance & Yasmin". The artist has taken a keen interest in music since her childhood. A big break in her career came with a performance at the Womex trade fair in 2002. Two years later, she released her first album, which led to her nominations for prestigious awards by Roots magazine, BBC 3 Radio and The World Music Awards, to name a few. The telling subtitle "Ladino & Flamenco" appeared on the cover of her next album "La Judería". It signified her search for inspiration in various traditions. Her 2007 album "Mano Suave" contained one of Yasmin Levy's greatest hits: a moving interpretation of the song "Adio Kerida". Both of her other albums, "Libertad" (2012) and "Tango" (2014), turned out to be huge artistic successes. Today, the singer unpretentiously and delightfully blends a variety of styles and cultures, always faithful to the Sephardic tradition as a key source of inspiration.

Tomasz Janas

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

  • Yasmin Levy
  • 10 April, 8pm
  • Sala Ziemi (Earth Hall), MTP (Poznań International Fair)
  • admission: PLN 109-189 (available on and at every Empik and Media Markt outlet throughout Poland)

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