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From USA to Poland

Having been staged in London, Washington, New York, and San Francisco theatres, the play is now coming to Poznań.

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"Remember This. The Testimony of Jan Karski", photograph: courtesy of the organisers.

Directed by Derek Goldman, Remember This: The Testimony of Jan Karski is a monodrama by David Strathairn, who is known for such films as Good Night and Good Luck, Lincoln and Nomadland. The play's title character is a courier of the Polish Underground resistance who alerts the world about the plight of occupied Poland and the extermination of the Jews. The monodrama ponders the human condition and the way we react to evil and injustice.

Written by the Editors

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

  • Directed by Derek Goldman
  • Script: Clark Young and Derek Goldman
  • Starring DAVID STRATHAIRN as Jan Karski
  • Performed in English with subtitles in Polish and Ukrainian

Remember This. The Testimony of Jan Karski, Muzyczny Theatre, Artis Aula, 4 February

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