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A creative lake-side camp

"As we debate the programme, we always make it clear that every musician that Leszek Możdżer invites should bring the fresh energy of a debuting artist onto the stage." This year, Leszek Możdżer takes a different approach by proposing to tie the concerts together with an ethnic theme," says Jerzy Gumny, director and founder of Enter Enea Festival, scheduled for 17 June.

Enter Enea Festival, photo Jakub Wittchen - grafika artykułu
Enter Enea Festival, photo Jakub Wittchen

The ethno programme will begin with the Turkish Taksim Trio and end with the Roma wind orchestra Kočani Orkestar. Also to be featured are Dagadana and Teatr Pieśni Kozła (The Goat's Song Theater). This year's edition will blend ethno and jazz with a tad of classic and electronic music thrown into the mixture. One of the invited stars, Chris Jarret, says: "This pianist's work combines numerous motifs and inspirations. He describes his music as derived from a desire to communicate. The music is as varied as his ideas, which he transforms into sound. He ignores the rules of style. Chris Jarrett relies on the structure of classical music while indulging the freedom of jazz improvisation. He shows a passion for form while capturing the energy of jazz. He will share his stage with Leszek Możdżer making this a piano duo", reveals Gumny. In fact, Leszek Możdżer, the face and artistic director of the festival, will also perform with other artists. He will join diverse projects, appearing with Nigel Kennedy and Susan & Martin Weinert. "Clearly, Leszek's involvement as a creator, musician and artistic director adds to the unique quality and atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind event that is keenly awaited by the organisers and the public every year", adds the festival's director. 

Nigel Kennedy is a renowned English violinist, who combines classical music with jazz. He has appeared in Poland on numerous occassions, invited by the Kraków Philharmonic, the Polish Chamber Orchestra, with which he collaborates closely, and others. Together with Leszek Możdżer, he will take part in a homage to Krzysztof Komeda, whose 50th death anniversary will be celebrated this year. 

Visit the Strzeszyńskie Lake waterfront to hear old-school sounds performed by Jojo Mayer and the Nerve group. Established in the 1990s, the band improvises electronic music, jungle, dub step and minimal. As the organisers have put it, "[Jojo Mayer] uses his charisma to successfully bring the sound of jazz into the digital era in the spirit of rock'n'roll, producing a unique form of expression and superb sound." Susan and Martin Weinert, in their turn, will join Leszek Możdżer and Cezary Konrad in a special concert of vocals, guitar, base, percussion and piano, using material from their common album Fjord. The strength of Enter Enea Festival lies in extraordinary relationships between musicians. These relationships are forged uniquely, says Jerzy Gumny: "Enter Enea Festival has created an incredible opportunity for dialogue among musicians. Even before the festival kicks off, rehearsals are held in the ABC Business Club and the Oaza restaurant. Artists take turns playing the instruments; they watch and listen their respective rehearsals, share food and talk. My idea was to make this a creative camp whose inventive energy would rise spontaneously even before the artists bring it to their audiences." 

Aleksandra Kujawiak

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

Enter Enea Festival

Strzeszyńskie Lake 17-19 June  


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