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poster of Sztuka Szuka Malucha (Art Seeks a Toddler)

Art Seeks a Toddler (Sztuka Szuka Malucha)

2019-07-03 ( Wednesday ) – 2019-07-07 ( Sun )
Scena Wspólna, ul.Brandstaettera 1 / ul. Za Cytadelą, Poznań

The Sztuka Szuka Malucha (Art Seeks a Toddler) Festival is Poland's first International Art Festival for the Very Youngest - children aged zero to five and their guardians. The goal of its organisers is to engage children in artistic dialogue through interactive activities. Art Seeks a Toddler proposes to initiate children into theatres by showing them a logically and aesthetically displayed fragment of the reality that surrounds them. It is the children's first such opportunity to make sense of colours, sounds, space and shapes. A chance to be gentle and get excited over their first experience away from their mothers, even though mothers remain in the audience, keeping a watchful eye on their cares and reassuring them with their presence. As they watch their beloved charges respond to artistic stimuli, parents and grandparents themselves partake in an extraordinary experience.

Selected events:

  • a play by Théâtre de La Guimbarde (Belgium) Cache-cache - 3.-4.07.
  • a play Pomelo Is In Love... with a frog, with rain and more (Pomelo jest zakochany... w żabie, deszczu i nie tylko) by Teatr Fraktal - 5.07.
  • the action by Sara Olmo and Pierre Viatour Move your body... open your heart! (Porusz ciało...otwórz serce!) - 5.07.
  • the action by Marta Maksimowicz Create and Hug (Do zrobienia - do tulenia) - 5.07.
  • the action by Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, What would be the sound of your body's voice? (Gdyby ciało głos miało, to jak by dźwięczało?) - 6.07.
  • a play LABirynth 2.0. by Teatr Animacji - 6.07.
  • a play The Jungle (Dżungla) by Wrocławski Teatr Lalek - 6.07.
  • the action by Dana Chmielewska, Bobo-yoga - 6.07.
  • the action by Magda Wolnicka, All The Flying Objects (Wszystkie latające) - 7.07
  • concert Dagadana - 7.07.