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Noriaki 111 - exhibition

2019-01-11 ( Friday ) – 2019-01-27 ( Sun )
Galeria Jerzego Piotrowicza Pod Koroną, ul. Kramarska 3/5, Poznań

Noriaki - a Poznań graphic designer and street artist, who prefers to remain anonymous. An organiser and originator of the Szpagart series of street art events. His most recognised work is the Watcher, to be found in London, Prague, Berlin, India, and Barcelona, where he currently lives.

In the Galeria Jerzego Piotrowicza Pod Korona we will see the effects of Noriaki's four-month stay in Barcelona

11 January 2019 to 27 January2019 (open: Tuesday - Sunday 12-18, Monday closed)

Free admission

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