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Pustki "Farewell tour" - concert

2019-01-20 ( Sun )
CK Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań), ul. Święty Marcin 80/82

"Having come of age-in other words after 18 years of making noise-Pustki decide to turn the volume down completely, while its members are going to devote themselves to other projects. Still, before that happens, there will be some opportunity to see Pustki on stage, performing a number of farewell shows. Basia Wrońska, Radek Łukasiewicz, Grzegorz Śluz".

Thus, early 2019 will see PUSTKI go on their farewell tour. The last two years have been very successful for the band with the album Wydawało się, which summed up the 18 years of creative, musical work.

Tickets: 35-45 pln

materials made available by the organizer: CK Zamek