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Teatr Polski (Polish Theatre)


Poznań's Polish Theatre is one of Poland's oldest playhouses, in continuous operation since 1875. Its construction was financed with contributions from Poles living under partitions, as commemorated in its façade inscription "the nation unto itself". The building's design by Stanisław Hebanowski shows inspirations by Italian Renaissance. The theatre's stage has been graced by the likes of Helena Modrzejewska, Gabriela Zapolska, Stefan Jaracz, and Władysław Hańcza.

The building survived World War II and reopened in March 1945. The institution it houses is committed to promoting the common good and closely adhering to its motto "the nation unto itself". It relies on a permanent troupe of actors who regularly stage large productions that are based on quality literature. With a repertoire based mainly on handpicked historic and contemporary literature, it provides acting opportunities to young to mid-aged artists. The Polish Theatre stages Polish and world classics set in a modern aesthetic. It explores their timeless meanings and establishes a sense of belongingness to the common cultural heritage.

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