Culture in Poznań


Look at the sky!

Nie to niebo (Not This Sky) presents an enthralling and enigmatic narrative that delves into the mysteries of the things above and around us. This latest undertaking from the Castle Cultural Centre is a far cry from conventional run-of-the-mill exhibitions as it interweaves various threads and perspectives across interdisciplinary fields and accompanying events.

A festival that lives up to the times

In a nutshell, Next Fest Showcase & Conference has managed to feature over a hundred and ten bands and performers along with multiple panels and conferences spread across more than a dozen venues over three days. Following the resounding success of the Spring Break festival, its organisers are back with a brand-new event, acknowledging that tough times call for innovative approaches.

The Spring Jazz Attack

Believe it or not, the Jazz Era festival is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. As part of its spring jubilee, the festival will showcase one of Poland's premiere jazz ensembles and a play depicting the life of Krzysztof Komeda.

Design as universal wisdom

The National Museum of Poznań will hold Poland's first original exhibition of works by Kenya Hara, one of the world's most highly acclaimed Japanese designers.

The world according to Barbie

At her age of sixty-four years, is Barbie a feminist? "I think she has been one all along!", replies Aleksandra Podżorska, curator of the Barbie: The Unknown Face exhibition in an interview with Agnieszka Nawrocka.

Ewa Bem

The name of this one of Poland's greatest vocal divas speaks for itself. And it gets even better as this remarkable artist will appear in Poznań with equally excellent accompanists, sharing the stage with the Andrzej Jagodziński Quartet!

Sensitive deconstruction

Hidden in the cosy space of a castle wing, the exhibition offers quiet time in which to face oneself and reflect on the questions posed. Not only the questions coming from its creator, Magda Hueckel, but also those that arise in the viewers' minds as they are confronted with her work. Hueckel draws on her personal experience to describe female strength, the natural course of life, being oneself and staying completely unfettered.

Amadeus for Women's Day

On the first Sunday of March prior to Women's Day, the Amadeus Orchestra will serve a true musical feast.

Laboratorium Pieśni (Song Laboratory)

Most likely well remembered by the Poznań folk music audience, this band gave a wonderful, warmly applauded concert during the Ethno Port festival four years ago. This time around, Laboratorium Pieśni will visit the capital of Wielkopolska to promote its latest soon-to-be released album Hé oyáte.

The Lech Poznań Museum

After years of preparations, long awaited by fans and tourists, the Lech Poznań Museum has finally had its opening.

The silence of history

Through direct references to the tragic history of Lake Rusałka, known as Elsensee during the German occupation, the artists pay homage to the builders of the lake, primarily Jewish prisoners, subjected to starvation, torture, and slave labour beyond human endurance.

A cunning seductress?

Carmen from George Bizet's opera by the same name remains one of the most iconic operatic characters. For some, she is a seductive femme fatale, for others an emancipated, self-aware woman, for others yet a character entangled in patriarchal rules embodied by her lover. How many faces does she really have?

Tragedy and lyricism

A composition that captivates audiences with its lyricism and subtlety, and another that movingly echoes tragic memories, the former authored by an artist celebrated as Poland's most prominent composer, the latter written by a musician who despite being merely an up-and-coming artist, was held in high esteem by Shostakovich. These very different masterpieces of Polish symphony music of recent decades will be performed by the Wielki Theatre Orchestra conducted by maestro Jacek Kaspszyk.

From USA to Poland

Having been staged in London, Washington, New York, and San Francisco theatres, the play is now coming to Poznań.

Take heart!

"Defeat sepsis! We play for everyone - the little ones and the big!" and "A healthy life in a healthy world" are the slogans of this year's 31st Finale of the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity scheduled for 29 January. In Poznań, the main events will take place on the Poznań International Fair grounds with performances by Peja, Ørganek and more.

Dusty photos

The latest photobook by Mariusz Forecki entitled Kurz (Dust) is a terrifyingly topical factual record in which the Poznań-based author seeks to explore the roots of today's superpower Russia. Naturally, the book ponders the causes of the war in Ukraine.

Laboratory of the future

Geological Evidence is a futurological reflection on the impact of advances of industrial civilisation on both the environment and society. Matthew C. Wilson, an American visual artist, experimental filmmaker, and scholar draws on his current research to discuss the helplessness of modern man and explore the environmental crisis. His view brings together the past, the present and the future.

Caution: Risk of Destruction

Thirty-four paintings by Jacek Malczewski will be on view at the National Museum of Poznań until the end of March next year. The works come from the Borys Woźnicki National Art Gallery of Lviv. Named I go out into the world and live on, the display is intended to show solidarity with Ukraine and stir deeper reflection on protecting cultural heritage.

Relationships in dance

As December approaches, so does the next edition of the 1 Page, 1 Look, 180 Seconds festival of the Polish Dance Theatre. For several days, Poznań will throb to the rhythm of story-telling dance that - as every year - will tackle vital, topical, and often difficult issues.

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