Culture in Poznań


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13. Short Waves Festival - International Short Film Festival

2021-06-14 ( Monday ) – 2021-06-20 ( Sun )

Short Waves Festival comprises over 70 events held in Poznań's urban space. The festival's programme comprises over 250 films (including nearly 88 competition entries) as well as meetings with filmmakers. The key showings are those of competition screenings, which are sets of short films grouped in the five categories of the International Competition, the Polish Competition, Dances with Camera, Urban View and, for the second time, the Polish Experimental Film Competition. Viewers will get a chance to watch productions from Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Italy, the United States, Canada, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Vietnam, China and beyond as well as an astounding 28 short films from Poland. The Short Waves additionally features films classified thematically as Comedy, Horror and Kinky Shorts and placed into the focus programme, the industry segment, and audio-visual and musical events. The films will be shown with subtitles in Polish and English.

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