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Teatr Muzyczny (Music Theatre)


The Music Theatre, originally known as the Poznań Operetta, arrived on the artistic scene in 1956 with the play Victoria and Her Hussar by Paul Abraham. Today, it is one of Poland's fastest-growing cultural institutions. Its repertoire covers a wide range of genres from musicals to concerts to music and poetry nights, educational performances, plays for children and adolescents to classical operettas. Its record turnouts and rapidly selling tickets prove that the course taken in designing its repertoires has been well chosen.

Its Evita, Madagascar - A Musical Adventure, Sister Act, Nine and Footloose have been running continuously, while its imminent premieres excite the public, invariably attracting great interest. Next to the construction of its new building, the Music Theatre's management and artists have chosen solidifying its position on the Polish musical theatre scene as their next key challenge.

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