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Scena Na Piętrze (The Stage Upstairs)


Estrada Poznańska is an institution of culture and entertainment that has been around for over six decades now, organising numerous and diverse cultural events ranging from exhibitions to concerts, performances, outdoor events to cabaret meetings. Estrada holds summer cultural events in various parts of Poznań, as well as the Animator (Animated International Film Festival), which is an Oscars® qualifier, Cały Poznań Ukulele (the Ukulele Festival), Dzieciaki na Piętrze (the Kids Upstairs theatre series), and - since 2018, a new musical project on The Stage Upstairs named beat2beat. Estrada also runs the Muza cinema, with a 160-year history.

The Stage Upstairs is Estrada's key venue. It is there that artists representing various viewpoints and means of artistic expression come together. 2004 marked the opening of the Oko/Ucho (the Eye/Ear) Gallery, which made its interiors available to a number of exhibitions, among them "The Islands of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson in Poznań - Stefan's Island", and "An eye can hear, an ear can see (The Grammar of Space) by Natalia Brandt", as well as a poster display by Dawid Ryski and Mateusz Holak held as part of the Spring Break Festival.

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