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Kino Muza


Originally established under the name of Apollo Theatre, Muza Cinema has been in operation since 1908. It was renamed Colosseum in 1910, Europa in 1934, Świt in 1935, Zentral Lichtspiele in 1940, Wolność in 1945 and Muza in the 1950s. Muza, which is one of Poznań's art-houses, has retained the décor and repertoire of a cinema with long-standing traditions. Its audiences are offered an extensive art-house repertoire, movie reviews and festivals.

Muza draws its audiences with programmes for students and families. The cinema's motto "We know what we play" has been put into practice by carefully selecting its repertoire, made up mainly of European and auteur productions.

The cinema is a member of Sieć Kin Studyjnych (Arthouse Network). The cinema's foyer houses a bar/café.

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