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2023-01-20 ( Friday ) – 2023-01-22 ( Sun )
Teatr Nowy (The New Theatre), Duża Scena Nowa (Main Stage), ul. J.H. Dąbrowskiego 5, Poznań

Category: Spectacle

Performance: Old House (Alte Hajm/Stary dom), dir. Marcin Wierzchowski

  • January, 20, 6 pm
  • January, 21, 6 pm
  • January, 22, 6 pm

Every house has a story. It is the eye that sees everything that happens within its walls; the memory of what has happened within them; the place that the living and the ghosts share. And every ghost story is a love story: a tale of desire and loss, hidden beneath layers of paint and wallpaper.

Every family story is composed of layers: there is the one we tell ourselves every day, and the one that we are afraid to discover. The first helps us define who we are and where we come from. But what happens when we stumble upon the second, the truer, hidden one? Or when we discover that the story we have been telling ourselves all these years, and which has made us who we are, needs to be revised?


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