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9th Poznań Fortress Days

2021-08-28 ( Saturday ) – 2021-08-29 ( Sun )

Poznań's forts, bomb shelters, anti-aircraft ditches, casemates, caponiers, posterns and mine galleries will once again open to tourists.

The last weekend of August has traditionally been the time to enjoy one of Poznań's most popular tourist events: Fortress Days. This year, as part of its ninth edition, members of the public will get to see at least twenty major military defensive structures that once made up the Poznań Fortress. The largest of them are the forts, each requiring at least two hours to visit. This year, the public will get their chance to see Fort Ia in Starołęka, Fort IVa in Wilczy Młyn, Fort Va in Piątkowo, Fort VI at ul. Dojazd, and more. The otherwise inaccessible interiors of Fort VII, which is currently under renovation, will also open to visitors. 

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