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The beige poster with the title of the event in the center. A piece of vinyl has been placed in the lower right corner. In the lower left corner, there are blue-brown circles resembling peacock eyes.

Charity Concert by Republika Rytmu

2021-06-27 ( Sun )
CK Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań), Dziedziniec Zamkowy (Castle Courtyard), ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań

Charity Concert by Republika Rytmu

  • two concerts at 5 pm and 7.30

The Republika Rytmu Music School invites you to jubilee - 20th concert. The artists' fee will be donated to the Siepomaga Foundation

Tickets: 40 pln (pre-sale), 45 pln (on the day of the concert)