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Daria Zawiałow

Concert: Daria Zawiałow

2020-03-08 ( Sun )
Tama Club, ul. Niezłomnych 2, Poznań

Daria Zawiałow is an extremely talented artist and one of the strongest voices on the Polish music scene. She is a songwriter and composer. After just two studio albums, thousands of fans fell in love with her and and now she's standing in the line of top Polish singers. Her songs are played by the most popular radio stations and conquer charts and music videos get millions of views. On the stage he is a volcano of energy - she is distinguished by a huge charisma. Off the stage, she is a modest, normal girl, but still a conscious and uncompromising artist.

In 2016, she noisefully marked her presence in the alternative world with the singles "Malinowy Chruśniak" and "Kundel Bury". In March 2017, she debuted with the album "A kysz!". The excellent reviews were endless and Daria was hailed as the revelation of the year. The album and singles quickly became gold and the artist was awarded with two Fryderyk awards in the categories " Alternative Album of the Year" and "Phonographic Debut of the Year".

Exactly two years later the artist's second album entitled "Helsinki" was released. The album gained the status of Gold Record just a few months after its release. All singles from the album were also covered in gold and the most recognizable of them "Hey, Hey!" for four weeks in a row was the most played song on the biggest Polish radio stations. The music video for this song has been watched over 10 million times and the song itself topped all the top charts in the country. A great contribution to the work of the singer has her friend and producer Michał Kush with whom Daria constantly works.

Daria Zawiałow always emphasizes that her thing is concerts. Together with the fantastic band behind their backs, they take the audience to a different world during each concert. Their rock, wild energy does not allow you to stand still. Daria's performances are always a surprising spectacle not to be missed. She already played hundreds of concerts. She played at the largest Polish music festivals such as the Pol'and 'Rock Festival, Kraków Live Festival, Męskie Granie and Olsztyn Green Festival. As a newcomer, she performed on the biggest stage of the Orange Warsaw Festival and in 2019 gathered thousands of people under the main stage at the Open'er Festival. Of course, you can't forget about club concerts, which for Daria are one of the most important elements of her great musical passion. The "Helsinki Tour" around the biggest clubs in Poland, was almost sold out before the start. The artist and the band played, among others, Łódź, Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk and twice in the Warsaw Stodola.

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