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Nostalgia Festival

Nostalgia Festival Poznań

2019-11-14 ( Thursday ) – 2019-11-16 ( Saturday )
Muzeum Narodowe (National Museum), Al. Marcinkowskiego 9, / Fundacja Malta (Malta Foundation), ul. Ratajczaka 44 (1 floor)

For the 12th time, Nostalgia Festival emerges from beyond the autumn horizon to stop and reflect on music. In the year of Krzysztof Komeda, his path finally crosses with Nostalgia - in his hometown, 50 years after his tragic death. From 14 to 15 October, the National Museum in Poznań will be the stage of new renditions of Komeda's music performed by Piotr Orzechowski, Kuba Więcek, Ares Chadzinikolau and the Oles Brothers Trio. Another highlight is the first worldwide performance of Gia Kancheli's Theatre and Cinema Miniatures for Viola and Piano. In addition, the festival programme includes films, a workshop and a meeting with the producer and director of the first feature film about Komeda.

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Program of the Festival

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