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photo of Gaba Kulka

Concert: Gaba Kulka - 10 years of "Hat, Rabbit"

2019-11-16 ( Saturday )
CK Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań), ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań

Gaba Kulka: "Ten years ago an album came out which changed the course of my musical life. One of those rare moments when after years of work, the right time, the right place and, above all the right people aligned into a new, lucky constellation. It is almost certain that you know me thanks to Hat, Rabbit. Now my first gold record is going to come out in black, on vinyl. I've decided to re-listen to it, which is why we returned with Marcin Bors to the original mixes and, with the benefit of experience of the successive albums recorded together, gave it a slightly different tone."

Tickets: 40 pln (presale), 50 pln (on the day of the concert)

materials made available by the organizer: CK Zamek