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photo of Jaromir Nohavica

Concert: Jaromir Nohavica

2019-10-19 ( Saturday )
Collegium Da Vinci - Aula Artis, ul. Tadeusza Kutrzeby 10, Poznań

Jaromír Nohavica - Czech singer, musician, composer and poet. He talks about life and death, but above all about what is in between: about love, suffering, dilemmas and fears of a modern man, about the beauty of the world around us, small joys and great passions.

Nohavica has recorded several albums. The latest one is titled Poruba - it is the name of one of the districts in Ostrava where everything in his life began: first love, friendships, but also quarrels and harassments.

Tickets: 120 - 180 pln