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Niesamowita Sprawa! and Wolny Elektron - concert

2019-04-18 ( Thursday )
Blue Note Jazz Club, ul. Kościuszki 79, Poznań

Concert of Niesamowita Sprawa! and Wolny Elektron as a part of Cudzesy series in Blue Note Jazz Club

Niesamowita Sprawa! is a band that in a few years from the street duo has grown into a full-sized stage group. The group's music can be described as urban folk, punk, and poetry, while the musicians themselves call it "ordinary songs".

Wolny Elektron is a real explosive mixture created by three instrumentalists. For the band the word is an equal partner of the music - texts of the songs are first and foremost a carrier of specific content, and sometimes hidden meanings.

Tickets: 30 pln