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JAZZAMEK #22 - RGG "Memento" - concert

2019-04-06 ( Saturday )
CK Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań), ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań

RGG has joined the distinguished club of the Polish Jazz series, as their latest album, Memento, will be released on March 15th as the 81st volume of the internationally renowned series by Polskie Nagrania.
Among the several distinctive jazz piano trios in Poland, RGG occupy a special place. The ensemble, formed in 2001, has since 2013 performed in a line-up composed of Łukasz Ojdana (piano), Maciej Garbowski (double bass), and Krzysztof Gradziuk (drums). The three musicians all graduated from the Institute of Jazz at the Academy of Music in Katowice and can now boast substantial experience and achievement, reflected in numerous awards and fellowships. Their interests go well beyond jazz and music in general; as artists, they display exceptional, rarely seen awareness of what they do and what goals they strive to attain. Native to the jazz environment, they also feel at ease with the European variety of contemporary improvised music.

Tickets: 40 pln

materials made available by the organizer: CK Zamek